Woodland Steward

man in a wooded area

Woodland Management

Learn how to identify trees that meet your objectives and how to care for them properly.

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man standing in the woods

Getting to Know Your Woodland

Learn how to collect online information about your woodland and understand why certain trees grow where they do.

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Marketing Your Timber

Learn basic principles that will ensure that you get the best price for your timber that will leave a healthy forest for future harvests.

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Missouri Woodland Steward is a natural resource education program that helps woodland owners feel competent and connected. Through evening workshops and Saturday field days, woodland owners learn the basic concepts of forest and wildlife management. Plus they have the opportunity to gain in-field, hands-on experience applying what they have learned. Join us and you will also become connected to natural resource professionals and to like-minded landowners in your area.

Contact Hank Stelzer if you would like a Missouri Woodland Steward workshop or field day to be held in your area. As soon as 10 people in a particular county have expressed interest, he will work with the local MU Extension Center to provide the training.