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  1. [Registration Open]

    5th Annual Perinatal Conference: Improving Outcomes for Mother and Baby

    • $119.00
    • CEUs: 6.99
    • Course ID: 753
    • online
    • Oct. 2020

    This one-day virtual conference for maternal-infant healthcare providers  will update your knowledge and enhance your skills related to the clinical management and care of pregnant women and their newborn babies. The day features the latest... Read more ...

  2. [Registration Open]

    27th Annual Psychiatric-Mental Health Update

    • $119.00
    • Course ID: 754
    • online
    • Nov. 2020

    The 27th Annual Psychiatric-Mental Health Update provides a virtual forum for mental health professionals to increase their evidence-based knowledge and competence in caring for people from across the life span with psychological... Read more ...

  3. [Registration Open]

    Becoming an Engaged Neighbor

    • $50.00
    • Course ID: 766
    • online

    Becoming an engaged neighbor means learning and using the names of people who live next to you, developing relationships with them, and being involved in your neighborhood. It does take time and effort. But there are personal and community benefits.... Read more ...

  4. [Registration Open]

    21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

    • $50.00
    • Course ID: 581
    • online

    Everything rises and falls on leadership. The challenge is that leadership develops from the inside out. If you can become the leader you ought to be on the inside, you will be able to become the leader you want to be on the outside. Learn more about... Read more ...

  5. [Registration Open]

    13th Evidence-Based Practice on the Frontline Conference

    • $159.00
    • CEUs: 11
    • Course ID: 761
    • online
    • Sept. 2020 - Nov. 2020

    Due to the interest in this conference, we are expanding and simplifying course access. The LIVE OPTION will take place as planned on September 17.  Every session will be recorded and available for viewing for 60 days. As A BONUS, we are... Read more ...

  6. [Registration Open]

    Missouri EMSC Child Abuse and Neglect Certification

    • $0.00
    • Course ID: 742
    • online
    • Aug. 2020 - Nov. 2020

    This self-directed course was developed for EMS professionals and emergency room staff to showcase the importance of their role in reporting suspected child abuse and neglect, and provide training on how to identify possible signs of abuse during... Read more ...

  7. [Registration Open]

    Immunization Webinar Series 2 (FY21)

    • $0.00
    • CEUs: 5
    • Course ID: 750
    • online
    • Aug. 2020 - July 2021

    Immunization Webinar Series 2The purpose of this series of five (5) webinars is to update the knowledge base regarding immunization practices and vaccine recommendations based on national guidelines and the latest evidence to guide practice. ... Read more ...

  8. [Registration Open]

    Hazardous Materials/WMD Incident Response Awareness-2021

    • $25.00
    • Course ID: 451
    • online
    • Aug. 2020 - Oct. 2020

    This Awareness course is the first level of first responder certification. A first responder must be properly trained and mentally prepared when called upon to respond to a hazardous material or weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incident. This course... Read more ...

  9. [Registration Open]

    23rd Annual Conference for Office and Clinic Nurses and Office Support Staff

    • $99.00
    • CEUs: 6.57
    • Course ID: 748
    • online
    • Sept. 2020 - Nov. 2020

    23nd Annual Conference for Office and Clinic Nurses and Office Support Staff Includes Specific Content for Health Care Providers as well as Clerical, Technical and Administrative Personnel Virtual, Zoom Session:  September 10th, 2020 ... Read more ...

  10. [Registration Open]

    Pediatric Patients: Updates for Non-Pediatric Nurses

    • $99.00
    • CEUs: 7
    • Course ID: 743
    • online
    • Sept. 2020 - Oct. 2020

    This on-demand conference will provide non-pediatric nurses with essential information needed to assess, transfer, and safely care for pediatric patients in times of urgency and emergency.  Participants will learn about pediatric resuscitation... Read more ...

  11. [Registration Open]

    Creating a Legacy-Preparing Your Business for Succession

    • $0.00
    • Course ID: 634
    • online

    This self-paced course consisting of 3 modules, each less than 15 minutes long, will help the student understand the challenges of preparing to transition their business to a new owner when they decide it is time to leave. The transition process is... Read more ...

  12. [Registration Open]

    HAI-Infection Prevention on the Frontlines: Back to the Basics---in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

    • $40.00
    • CEUs: 6
    • Course ID: 612
    • online
    • July 2020 - Oct. 2020

    Infection Prevention on the Frontlines: Back to the Basics - - - in the Midst of a Global Pandemic ON DEMAND CONFERENCE RECORDED SESSIONS AVAILABLE FROM July 27, 2020 – September 6, 2020 Registration Fee: $25 – Pre-Registration - by... Read more ...

Results 1-12 of 46 results